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It is being maintained as a memorial to the futility of aggression, the incompetence, stupidity and lack of any sense of morality on the part of the administration of George Bush, Richard Cheney and their associates and both the Israeli and Palestinian leadership.

Absolutely nothing has been solved by the killing of huge numbers of people, including women and children and the elderly, the destruction of cities, towns, resources and the demoralization and displacement of millions of people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel and Palestine.

Our credibility in the rest of the world has suffered immeasurably due to the actions of Bush and company. We have been shown as a people to be incapable of arousing sufficient moral courage to oust our leaders for their unconsionable acts.

We're now a completely screwed up country. Our values are ridden through with trite and trivial concerns about mundane things as we continue on a path toward self-destruction. And, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Like lemmings, we have followed Bush and Cheney over a cliff of indecency and now are in free fall as the new Democrat congress hems and haws and flails about smartly, still lacking the courage to take firm stands for what the Democrat Party once stood for... freedom and justice for all without regard for race, creed or color, access to education for all, decent housing for all, the best health coverage for all, decent jobs for all with fair pay and working conditions, rapid, cheap and clean transportation..., and above all the valuing of our people, each and every one.

We can't even unite to fight the greatest fight we've ever had... against global warming and the rape of our natural resources by the greedy. The most striking and frightening aspect of the global warming threat so far has been, for me, the demonstration of just how ignrant and selfish a significant part of our governance and our business communities are.

Over several years, we have attempted on this web site to document all of what could be referred to as the futility of the human race. It's all in here, expressed in many ways. We were among the first to speak out and to show actual photos of the atrocities that have been committed in our name. Among the first to overtly denounce the war and this President and his cohorts. Among the first to bring a number of first rate journalists to you to comment on goings on in various parts of the world that were not adequately or truthfully covered by our "public" media.

You are encourage to browse the site thoroughly and read all of its many parts. Look at the dead, mutiliated bodies, most killed without reason. They are those whoa re referred to as "collateral damage" by people who, under other circumstances, would be rearded as depraved murderers.

Take it all in, then, and weep. Weep for all those whose lives have been destroyed and weep for all us who allowed it to happen... again and again and again. Our nation has a death wish and is pursuing it relentlessly.

B.J. Fine, October 12, 2007

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Volume 1, Issue 24
Updated July 10, 2006

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Address to the Graduating High School Classes of 2006, May 21, 2006

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Editor’s Notes Issue #24

Be sure and read Bill Quigley’s latest report on New Orleans. For those of you who want to help, follow Bill’s suggestions. Best is to try and establish a relationship between your community and one in New Orleans. That can lead to fund raising and, possibly, some folks going down there to help rebuild.

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